Lorebook Storyline – The Beginning

In the beginning of the world, there was The Void, a powerful creature born of stardust and the primordial soup, and a natural-born creator. The very moment it gained consciousness, it began to create, starting with another being known as Life.

Life, like The Void, was an avid creator. However, despite their apparent skill, The Void forced them to take a backseat when it came to developing the world. The Void liked control, and didn’t feel interested in collaborating with anyone else. Life didn’t take well to this, of course, and watched with envy in their eyes as The Void continued to make things, like stars and planets.

One day, Life came to The Void, and spoke with it, demanding a chance to create things of their own. “Void,” they said, looking at the massive being that stood before them, “I am tired of simply standing and watching while you have all the fun.”

The Void looked up, gazing down upon its first creation with a quizzical look and bending closer, urging the little being to speak further. Its curiosity was piqued. 

“I was born as a creator, just like you. It is in my very being to make things. It always has been. I demand a chance to make something, so that I may prove to you that I am just as worthy to create as you are.”

The Void laughed at this, the echo of the sound ringing through Life’s ears and causing them to double over in pain, but leaned forward, nodding its head. “Alright, little one.” It growled. “I will allow you one chance to prove to me you are worthy to create. I will create three realms; Heaven, Hell, and Asphodel, and you will choose one to populate with two creatures of your making. If I like what you have done, I will allow you to create more.”

Life eagerly nodded. “I accept!”

And so, The Void created the three realms. Asphodel was first, and it was a vast expanse that stretched on infinitely in all directions. Mountains, lakes, oceans, forests, and plains covered it in its entirety, and all of it was muted in color, with grayish-green grass and dull blue water. It was a beautiful sight to behold, however, as something about the muted colors allowed Life to see the abundance of the realm. It was suitable to habit entire species and still take on more. A perfect playspace for Life.

Next was Hell. It was mostly red and black in color, although if you looked closely you could find other colors, too. It had seven levels, each with their own biome, and constellations dotted its dusky red sky when night fell. It, too, was infinite, but Life felt that its darkness and unwelcoming nature would not be suitable for the needs of their creations. There was beauty in the land, yes, but something told Life it was not the one to choose.

Last was Heaven. It was white and gold for the most part, though the waters were turquoise and the sky was pale purple. Much like Hell, it was infinite with seven levels, each with their own biome, but Life found it unsuitable for the vision they had planned. It was gaudy and bright to them, and they did not want to create beings that would have to inhabit such a place.

After looking over each realm, Life turned to The Void. “I choose Asphodel.” They said. The Void nodded.

“So be it, then.”

With a snap of The Void’s claws, the two were back to gazing upon Asphodel. Life grinned. They were going to make the best thing they could possibly think to make. It would be a masterpiece, one The Void was sure to appreciate. Now was the moment.

For two days, Life set about working on their two creations. They had decided to make a brother and a sister, finding themself somewhat inspired by the similarity of the other two realms. They sculpted four legs for each, and two wings. Two ears and one eye adorned each head. The sister was covered in fleece. The brother had horns. Both siblings got long, winding tails. When Life was finished, they silently willed their creations to open their eyes.

The sister was the first to open her eye and have a look around. Her turquoise gaze was stunning and intelligent, and her sights quickly fell upon her brother. He was slower to awaken, but he soon blinked his amber eye open and struggled to his feet.

For a second, there was silence. Then, the sister spoke.

“Hello.” She said. “Who are you? My name is… is…” She faltered, trying to remember a piece of information she had never been given. 

Life panicked for a second. They had forgotten to name them! In an invisible gust of wind, they dove down towards their creations, hurriedly whispering made-up names in their ears.
“You are God!” They said to the sister, before turning and whispering to the brother. “And you are Satan!”

There was another pause, and Life feared for a second that they had not been heard. Then, God broke the silence. “My name is God! Yes, yes, that is my name.” Life beamed with pride.

“Then I am Satan.” The brother replied, nodding his head as though he had always known that. What he did not know was where they were.

Life figured they had better go tell The Void that they were ready for it to see their work. They shot back up into the sky and directed themself straight towards the starry expanse, calling out in joy. “Void! Void! I am ready for you to see what I have made!”

When The Void looked down, it saw God and Satan conversing with each other. It felt doubt at first, but then saw the detail Life had put into the two. The perfect points and curves, and the elegant way in which both sibling’s wings folded when they were not in use. It found itself in awe of the soft fleece covering God’s body, and the horns adorning Satan’s head. It nodded and growled in approval, causing life to cover their ears once more because of the noise.

“You have done well, Life,” It said, turning to the other creator, “We will give them two days to become adjusted, and then you may make more of their kind. You have proven yourself a worthy creator.”

Life grinned, ecstatic about the approval. “I will not let you down!”