About Potato

Hello hello! Welcome to my weird little corner of the internet! Or is it the fifth dimension? The two are ridiculously similar, so I’m sure you’ll understand my confusion.

Anyhow, I’m Potato! Your neighborhood freak, artist, writer, and possible coyote in a human suit! Be prepared for nothing but weirdness and chaos for your entire stay on this website. Enjoy!

Potato Herself

Potato is, in short, the person behind all this. She is around 13-16 years of age and thus less active than she would like to be due to school, but she tries to post regularly on her social media accounts and works hard to create art and content for both her viewers and herself. She enjoys art, writing, reading, listening to music and podcasts, and believing in the uncanny.

Potato uses she/her or they/them pronouns and often describes herself and her art style as chaotic and mildly unsettling. She has a soft spot for coyotes, redwood forests, coastal areas, and gray skies and spends much of her time either curled up safe at home or out in the world taking in as many of the sights, sounds, and interesting pieces of knowledge as she can.

Inflicted upon this world during the month of September, Potato currently lives with her mother, father, and beloved pet rabbit Misty in a house in the suburbs. She is currently content with her place in life and wishes to be done writing about herself in the third person now, thank you very much.

About the Site

If you’re going to spend time here, I might as well tell you about this little platform I’ve created. This is one of a handful of places where I post my writing, art, and sometimes miscellaneous observations.

I do feel the need to tell you that this site, like its creator, celebrates all manner of cultures and people. This place is very LGBTQ+ and POC friendly and I like to show that in the work I post here. I hope that by doing this, more crowds will feel included, and I hope that my representations are as accurate and respectful as I try to make them be.

There is also a slightly spooky vibe to many of the things posted here, so please be careful! If I think something is going to be outright upsetting then I will 100% put a warning on it, but please tread lightly nonetheless. Thank you!

Other Platforms

Scratch: PotatoTheMoose

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