About Potato

About Potato

“You’ve just lost your spine privileges”

– PotatoTheMoose

About Yours Truly

Welcome, welcome, one and all! Creatures, monsters, great and small! My name’s Potato, and this is my little corner of the internet. I’m an amateur artist, writer, animator, and songwriter who uses they/she/he pronouns. My age range is 13-16 years of age (minor) so please don’t be a creep. Feel free to have a look around!

Also, before you continue, PLEASE read the “Content Warning” page on my site! As lighthearted as I try to keep things while I’m here, some of the things I create contain potentially triggering subjects. There’s also some other important stuff to note while you’re there, so go read it over!


This part of the page is still a WIP, sorry.

Other Socials

Toyhou.se: PotatoTheMoose

Insta: potatothemoose

Pinterest: PotatoTheMoose

YouTube: PotatoTheMoose

More socials coming soon!