About Potato

Hello and welcome to my rather strange mindscape. I’m PotatoTheMoose, but I primarily go by Potato or PTM on this site.

I like to classify myself as being an oddball, and I’m fairly certain that as you read through this you will immediately begin to see why. And then you will likely have one of two possible reactions. You will either go “Hey, I like this kid. She seems pretty cool”, or you will decide that I am perhaps the worst creature you’ve ever encountered, in which case you may want to click out of this website because I promise you, I do not get any different on any of these pages. At my core, I will always be that chaotic, strange child who can’t walk about five feet without going “Oh crap. I have anxiety again”.

I guess that’s just kind of the person I am.

Anyhow, if you stuck around this long, then I suppose you’re willing to tolerate me long enough to keep reading through this whole page. Otherwise, why on Earth are you still here?

Activity Level

I’m fairly active on this site, though I also have to balance real life as well as school, so it’s not like I’m posting every single day. You can expect me to post roughly once a month if not more. Because of how unpredictable my post times may be, you might wanna bookmark this tab and check back roughly once a week to see if there’s anything new. You never know when I might post!


My preferred pronouns are she/her or they/them.

Hobbies, Likes, and Dislikes

My hobbies primarily consist of art and writing, though I also like to read, hang out with friends, play with my pet rabbit, socialize with my parents, and sometimes collect rocks and other small objects. I have also been known to enjoy cryptids, folklore, and other things that go bump in the night. This might be why I like to draw strange creatures.

I really enjoy autumn, especially since I like Halloween and I was born during the month of September. I also like rainy days, the colors sage green and coral pink, camping, redwood forests, the coast, and animals. And I have an obsession with Nutella.

I really dislike mean people, meatloaf, and being underslept. I also go through a living nightmare if it’s too hot or too cold out. And I really, really hate getting sick. When I’m out of commission, I’m really out of commission.

More About Me & The Site

I’m a writer, artist, and *potential* animator. I have a lot of characters, most of which are part of one of my three main stories whether as background characters or the stars of the series. I also write and draw a lot of miscellanies stuff. Please do not steal any of my work, and if you’re gonna do fan art or something, please credit me. I’d really appreciate it, and keep in mind that if I were drawing your characters you’d probably want me to credit you, too. Thanks!

My sona, who I draw myself as most often, is a coyote named Potato. I know the website name would suggest otherwise, but it is what it is. She’s not part of any stories, she’s just how I would choose to manifest if I could. For all you know, I actually am a coyote who somehow learned to type and then made an entire website.

I try to keep my content as family-friendly as possible, though there may occasionally be small amounts of blood in my art. If I ever post something with swears, blood, flashing, or other potentially triggering things, I will be sure to add content warnings. You should also be aware that my art style is what I like to call a mix of nightmare fuel and cartoonishness. It’s not too spooky, but I do enjoy occasionally drawing more horrific things and I sometimes dabble in slight amounts of body horror in my art. I will be sure to put up warnings for that too.

Welp, that’s it for this About page, folks! If you think you wanna stay tuned to this site then be sure to bookmark it on your device, and I’ll set you free to roam!