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God Rots is a story that follows a group of angels; Gabriel, Harold, Virgil, Sebastian, Valoell, and Adellum, as they and the rest of Heaven attempt to prepare for the death of God. It is intended to be a psychological horror story about what happens when a government unexpectedly crumbles and the adaptation the surrounding country has to undergo.

Content warnings: Mental health issues, severely mentally ill characters, religious themes, the death of God, gore, body horror, and psychological trauma.

God Rots – Prologue

God Rots – Prologue

God is not supposed to be able to become ill. She is not supposed to be able to die. She is not supposed to be found by her archangels coughing up mysterious black liquid onto the floor of her chambers at 9:31 PM on a Tuesday night. It’s unheard of! Unthought of! It simply doesn’t happen! So why was Gabriel now sitting in a hallway, hands covered in black sludge the likes of which he had never seen before, heaving…

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