Content Warnings

“May I have your soul for scientific purposes?”

– PotatoTheMoose

Hey there! Before you view my site, please take the time to read this whole warning. It should also be noted that most of this was copy-pasted from my TH profile warning, which will explain why some of this talks more about interaction rather than just viewing my content.

Before You Interact

Before you interact with me, it’s good to know the following:

– I am neurodivergent. This may make me awkward/hard to interact with sometimes. Please be patient! I’d really appreciate it 🙂

– I enjoy being unnerving and making dark/morbid jokes. I am aware that this might be upsetting to some folks, which is why I am warning you now

– Sometimes I misspell stuff, forget to add punctuation, or forget to capitalize stuff

– I either talk too much or too little, depending on how I feel and what the topic is. (socially awkward go brr)

– I’m LGBTQ+

– I’m therian and identify as partially coyote

– I’m obsessed with cryptids/folklore/other strange stuff. This has turned me into a simp for various monsters and I could ramble about cryptozoology for hours <3

– I use emoticons and tone tags to indicate how I’m feeling in a conversation


Do not interact if you:

–  Are a pedo/zoo/necroph!le/etc or support those types of people. Y’all are icky and I want nothing to do with you

– Are LGBTQ+ phobic

– Are racist

– Are ableist

– Intend to steal my art/characters/writing (inspiration is fine, though!)

– Are on my blacklist

– Are a hugely popular person. I’ve had some bad experiences with them so while I may follow you, wait for me to interact with you first.


My content may contain the following:

– Swears

– Blood/gore

– Mentally ill characters

– Murder

– Horror

– Other, character-specific stuff (yes, there will be tags/warnings for such)


Basic rules:

– Be kind to everyone on my site

– No theft of any sort

– If I tell you to stop doing something, please respect that 🙂

– Don’t start drama

– Please don’t be a creep/make NSFW of my characters/flirt. I’m a minor and I probably don’t even know you

– Fanart is welcome, but please credit me for the character (NOTE: if you wanna show me some art you made, please consider sending it to me on, Insta, or any of my other platforms. Thanks!)


Please do not give my designs to/ask for my services for the following people. On a similar note, please do not harass any of these people:

– MintySnek#0001 on Discord: old “friend” who wasn’t actually all that kind. Says I inflicted trauma on her when, in reality, I did absolutely nothing to harm her. Quite sensitive and, in retrospect, made me quite uncomfortable, and sent me a threatening email when I tried to get help from the school principal with a bully that she considered a friend.

– MORTALLY CHALLENGED HARVESTER#2436 on Discord: massive bully who can’t even spell my irl deadname right and tried to isolate me from my friend group, with whom he was also friends. Called me multiple slurs and threatened to kill me at least twice. Has tried threatening my friends into not being friends with me anymore. Friend of MintySnek, who sent me threats of her own.

– The entire mod team of the Sumire’s Blessing roleplay server for reasons that will remain private. There’s too many of them that I’m too lazy to list, but basically if they’re involved with the roleplay Sumire’s Blessing and own a character in the roleplay, they are more than likely not welcome here and they know why. I own some designs by some of them but other than that my ties with them are severed.

Thank you for reading through that! Please consider having a look around, bookmarking this site, and looking at my other socials, where you can interact with me. Thanks, and have a lovely day!