Content Warnings

Content Warnings

“May I have your soul for scientific purposes?”

– PotatoTheMoose

Hey there! Before you view my site, please take the time to read this whole warning.

Before You Interact

Before you interact with me, it’s good to know the following:

  • I am neurodivergent.
  • My identity is complicated and often multifaceted. While I am happy to explain things if you are confused, I am not obligated to tolerate hate or give any personal details that I do not want to give.
  • I am always in the process of learning, growing, and changing.
  • I am currently still in the process of adding the appropriate content warnings to everything, so please take care!


Do not interact if you:

  • Are blocked or blacklisted by me.
  • Fit basic DNI criteria such as being LGBTQ+ phobic, pedophilic, zoophilic, racist, proship, and so on.
  • Just don’t like me.


My content may contain the following:

  • Mental illness
  • Character death
  • Gore
  • Horror
  • Religious imagery
  • Crime
  • Suicide/SH


Basic rules:

  • No theft of any sort.
  • Hate and drama are prohibited.
  • No NSFW.
  • I have the right to change rules, blacklist, and block people at any time.
  • Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions. Unwelcome attempts to change said beliefs and opinions are not permitted here.


Please do not give my designs to/ask for my services for the following people. On a similar note, please do not harass any of these people:

Not currently public and fluctuates. Please contact me if you have any queries.

Thank you for reading through that! Please consider having a look around, bookmarking this site, and looking at my other socials, where you can interact with me. Thanks, and have a lovely day!