100 face challenge: part 1

100 face challenge: part 1

Eyyyy! It’s some content!

In a desperate attempt to have something to show to my dear viewers, I started trying to do the 100 face challenge, a challenge where you basically try to draw 100 different facial expressions over the course of 100 days or so. Because my schedule is usually busy, I’ll only be doing something for this challenge once every week or so, but the spirit remains the same.

For my first face, I opted to do Leroy. If I had to guess the story behind this expression, I’d say he’s explaining something to his little sister, Cecelia, who is probably about to do something fairly stupid in the name of curiosity. 10/10 big brother behavior right there, folks.

Anyhow, hopefully I’ll find more time to be active in the near future, as Inktober is coming up and I plan on attempting to do as many of the prompts as I can! You can probably expect some “Inktober dumps” in the not-too distant future. Until then, thank you and have a nice day!

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