OTW Lorebook – Mistwalkers

OTW Lorebook – Mistwalkers

Official lorebook depiction of a Mistwalker.


Other names: None

Classification: Elemental, (possibly) sentient

Survival rate upon encounter: Medium

Population level: Medium

Diet: Cannot eat

Lifespan: Unknown

Mistwalkers are a species of foggy-headed, long-legged, deerlike creatures that amble through the forests on misty days. They can be anywhere from 10 to 30 feet tall and are known for having an extremely spindly and delicate build. They are possibly sentient and able to feel pain, but do not speak and instead low like a cow would, occasionally screeching when distressed. Their heads are constantly surrounded by fog, and it appears that the entire creature is made of the stuff, since it is possible to walk or drive right through one and come out on the other side as though nothing happened. They have extremely long legs that taper to a small, pointed hoof at the end, which causes them to lope slightly when they walk, giving them a somewhat uneven yet still somehow smooth gait. They are known to be docile unless provoked by loud noises, however staying away from them while they are out and about is advised, as anything above a whisper has the potential to set one off and sometimes witnesses of them simply disappear off into the fog without a trace. 

Mistwalkers [seem to] simply fade out of existence when the sun comes out, and while it is unknown whether or not this kills them, it is known that it causes them to be more active in the mornings when the fog is still there. It is advised to be careful and alert while driving on mornings when they are out, as loud honking can easily send them into a panicked frenzy and their sudden appearance in front of a driver who isn’t paying attention has the potential to cause car accidents. They hold no malevolence, but do not seem to be particularly benevolent, either. Most people simply speculate that they are animals of some strange sort and leave it at that.

The most dangerous aspect of a Mistwalker is the fact that when distressed, it is capable of becoming corporeal. With such spearlike legs and the mooselike compulsion to charge at whatever is bothering it when it is upset, a corporeal and distressed Mistwalker can easily kill a human. Despite being slow when walking, they keep a steady pace, and when at a full charge, their long strides allow them to move quite quickly. Combine all of these traits with the fact that they let out a disturbingly humanlike scream that both disorients whatever it is they’re charging and further frightens themself and any other Mistwalkers in the area, they are quite a force to be reckoned with. It is also theorized that those who simply disappear around these creatures have literally been taken by the mist and turned into one of them. How true that is remains unknown, but due to the strange nature of this species, it has not been ruled out as impossible. Other than the charging and becoming corporeal and the mist surrounding them possibly turning others into one of their own, Mistwalkers are largely harmless and can even be quietly and peacefully observed from a distance. 

Mistwalkers travel in groups ranging from 2 to 30 and appear to go wherever they please so long as they’re away from neighborhoods or areas with more than 5 or so people. In other words, they avoid human settlements and prefer to remain more in the deep woods or in meadows close to the seaside. Strangely enough, however, Mistwalkers do not seem to recognize roads and cars as human things, and tend to stand around in roads for no obvious reason at all. Almost every citizen of small towns where they are found is quite used to them because of this, and some people have even created homemade “Mistwalker Crossing” signs. Though unusual, these beautiful creatures have become well-loved by those who are familiar with their existence, and will likely continue to be treated as a somewhat welcome mystery by cryptozoologists and townsfolk alike.

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