Teensy little art dump

Teensy little art dump

Oh my god I’m finally making a post here again after a whole two months or so of be dormant on this site. You might’ve thought I was dead, but nope! Much like every horror movie villain ever, I’m back in action, baby! This time with some art I’ve done over the months to proudly show to you and place forever on the refrigerator that is my site.

This is one of my more recent art pieces this month! I don’t think there’s a lot of explanation needed, since it’s just art of my sona on a background I kidnapped from Google’s immense image supply. It just occurred to me that I forgot the catchlights in the eyes while I was writing this, but otherwise I like it a lot!

This is a fake magazine cover featuring my character Naga & Snek! It’s based on the dark paradise aesthetic, and I’ve listed on the cover some things that remind me of that aesthetic in place of listing articles. I traced over some fonts to get all the writing, kidnapped another image off Google, and even searched up how much magazines cost here in the US as of 2022! They were more expensive than I thought, but I suppose that’s inflation for ya.

My half of an art trade I did with a pal of mine on Toyhou.se (their name is Bonepennies and you should go check out their awesome content). The character belongs to them but I drew the art here and surprise surprise yet again used Google to get the background. At this point I just go around on Google and shove unsuspecting images into the sack known as my saved images. The suffix .jpeg keeps them quiet.

All that said, thanks for reading! I’ll be trying to upload more often.

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