The Dilemma (swear word warning)

The Dilemma (swear word warning)

Okay, so I’ve got an important question that I came up with this morning and I wanna ramble about it for a little bit. 

Why is it so hard to tell when someone’s a bitch and when you’re a bitch? I feel like maybe this is a problem only I have due to my personal experiences as an autistic person, but maybe I’m wrong and others will relate to this (in which case good, because that means I’m not alone). I’ve met a lot of people who I think are bitches, but why is it so difficult to tell if they’re actually a bitch and I’m a nice person or if I’m actually a bitch and they’re a nice person? Why is it so hard to tell?

I know it’s probably got something to do with perspectives, but I wish it were easier to tell what the actual truth is without getting opinions and perspectives in the way. Like you could just close your eyes and open your third eye and it’d say “Yeah they’re a bitch” or “Yeah you’re a bitch”. Or it could tell you that you’re both bitches or that you’re both nice people and there’s been a misunderstanding. How do you improve yourself if you never feel like you know for sure who the bitch is and who the nice person is? 

Do there really have to be one good guy and one bad guy in every fight? What if they’re both good guys who think the other is the bad guy? What if they’re both bad guys and each one thinks they’re the good guy? Why is this so confusing?

Maybe I’ll never know, though I do have fun pondering stuff like this. Maybe nobody knows and we all lie awake thinking about it. Maybe somebody knows and is trying to spread the word. Maybe only the universe knows and wants everyone to figure it out for themselves.

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